A Visit to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

  Kirstenbosch National Garden - Paradise nestled against the slopes of Table Mountain.

I visited Kirstenbosch Botanical garden yesterday for the first time after 'LOCKDOWN' regulations have been relaxed. It was perfect weather for a garden stroll accompanied with my 7D canon!  Flowers sprung up everywhere after the recent rains and the flower beds resembled tapestries of colour.  Birdsong filled the crystal clear mountain acoustic and every so often a Sugerbird swooped passed me in full speed.

 The Southern Double-Collared Sunbirds were in abundance and were calling full volume from various different perches.  Cape Sugerbirds were also plentiful and did their usual diving down into the fynbos and suddenly swooping up in full flight with their long cascading tail- feathers painting their silhoettes against the skies. Cape Canaries, Forest Canaries, Cape Bulbul, Swee Waxbill, Malachite Sunbird and Cape White-Eye were a few of the bird species that I encountered.

Mountain streams were gushing over rocks and small cascades were prevalent upstream. 

The magnificent garden with all its romantic footpaths leading to different vegetation and flowerbeds offered me a walk in nature at its best!

Southern Double-Collared Sunbird 'blessed' with pollen

Cape Sugerbird clinging to a branch

Cape Sugerbird swooping up to a perch

Cape White-Eye

Forest canary posing on a flowering bush


Arctotus fastuosa

Cape Canary breaking twigs off for building its nest

                                                                    Cape Canary              
                                                           Forest Canary with a beak full of sticky seeds

                                                                                        Wild Flowers 

                                                                                    King Proteas against blue skies

                                                                   Malachite Sunbird posing on a Pincushion

                                                                   Swee Waxbill devouring little succulent seeds

                                                                                       Cape Bulbul

Gushing Mountain Stream