A Stupendous Stay at Black Rhino Lodge - Pilanesberg

 Black Rhino Lodge in Pilanesberg, North West Province

I had a spectacular stay at the Black Rhino Game Lodge in the beginning of May 2019. The Lodge is situated in a Tamboti forest in a private reserve in Pilanesberg with superb isolated rooms each leading out onto a private patio.  My first night at the Lodge was indescribable!  Around eight pm on the first evening, lions started roaring in close proximity to our chalet which was situated quite close to the edge of the fence. The roaring echoed a bush brass band which was music to my 'city' ears and continued for most of the night.  My first game drive was the next morning at 6 am. Arriving at the lounge where we met for a cup of coffee before departing on our game drive, the rangers already knew about the lion pride that was just outside the camp during the night and soon we were on our way to go and find them.  It was a magnificent moment when the first lion came out of the bush crossing the road right in front of the landrover!   We were extremely fortunate on our game drives viewing lots of different game and birdlife.  Staying at the Black Rhino Game Lodge was indeed a taste of paradise!

Young Male Lion spotted during an early morning drive
A Young Male Lion on an early morning walk

Young Male Lion approaching, Black Rhino, Pilanesberg
Young Male Lion stalking his brother

Two Young Male Lions having a brotherly encounter, Black Rhino Lodge
Lions having a  Brotherly Encounter

Pale Chanting Goshawk perched in the bush
A Pale Chanting Goshawk majestically perched

A Kudu pausing momentarily to inspect the environment
An Inquisitive Kudu Cow

A Rutting Impala Ram
A Rutting Impala Ram

A Solo Hippo popping up, Black Rhino Lodge, Pilanesberg
A Hippo popping up for a breath of fresh air

A Baby Elephant stretching for a sip of water
A Young Elelphant stretching to reach for a sip of water

A Herd of Elephant on an early morning stroll, Black Rhino lodge, Pilanes
An Elephant 'Family' on an early morning stroll